Meet The Band

Jack Kole 

Lead Singer / Manager 


The Vocal Maestro himself....Jack is in an elite club of singers who can truly belt out and hit all those notes that the 80's are known for.   From Journey and Motley Crue to Queensryche and Poison - what can't this man sing?   If you want a true 80's vocalist to blow your socks off -- come out to a show and see what all the buzz is about!

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24 votes

Scotty Van Panther

Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals


SVP can be called the glue that holds everything together -- holding down the rhythms and vocals with the boys is where he works best!   Don't blink or you may miss Scotty as he is always in the crowd trying to get everybody into the rock 'n roll atmosphere of the show.

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12 votes

Diablo Dare-Deville

Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals


Diablo is the essence of 80's Hair Metal -- with his killer bass licks and his harmony vocals to boot, Diablo is the best possible asset to the boys of Mock Star!   When the head is banging, the hair is flying so watch your eyes ladies as this wild man puts on one hell of a show!

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JOHNNY 5-1/2 (aka ANDY RHOADES to some)

Lead Guitar


We are VERY please to announce our new lead guitar player in Mr. Johnny 5-1/2 (aka Mr. Andrew Masden)!   John has a long history in the Chicago music scene, most notably playing lead guitar in the hugely successful Whitesnake Tribute band called NIGHT SNAKE.   When  you hear this man play and sing, you will know why he got the spot with Mock Star!   Come on down and check out this talented man as he's sure to wow any crowd he is in front of!!

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Scott Cuttlass

Drums / Backing Vocals


What can you say about Mr. Scott Cuttlass???   Another phenomenal talent in the Chicago Music scene and Mock Star is also honored to have the chances to share the stage with Scott when needed.   Scott's history with Mock Star goes back some 12 years ago from the original version of Mock Star that blew up the Illinois scene and he still takes time to play with bands like Diver Down and Night Snake - so be sure to check out this talented musician at the next Mock Star show.

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Mock Star would also like to thank the people behind the scenes that make our shows possible:   Brian Mitchell (Sound Engineer); JJ Blatter (Road Crew Manager); Steve Stutsman (Musician, Drum Tech, Technical Advisor); Jon McDowell (Musician, Sound Coordinator) 


Bukk Wylde

Lead Guitar


We are VERY please to announce our new lead guitar player in Mr. Bukk Wyle (aka Mr. Devan Davis)!   What this kid lacks in years he makes up for in raw talent.  Bukk is a shredding lead player extraordinaire who is sure to melt the faces off of anybody who comes to a Mock Star show!   Bukk is making is Mock Star debut on Sat. 12/17/22 and will be taking the lead helm for all shows moving forward -- make sure you check him out because when day when he's a famous worldwide rock star, you can say -- "Hey, I saw him with Mock Star!"

Michael Righteous

Lead Guitar


As one of the founding members of Mock Star, Michael Righteous will grace the stage with us from time to time when his schedule allows -- Michael (aka Shawn Williams) is touring with the phenomenal band TOZ (founded by Megadeath co-founder Mr. Dave Ellefson)!


Always a member of Mock Star, Michael Righteous is free to take the stage with us any time he wants!

Mickey Rocket

Lead Guitar


He's not just a Poison guy anymore -- Mickey will blow your mind with his shredding licks and smokin' solos!

Dan Halen

Lead Guitar


Doubling as both a Metallica metal God and an 80's Rock Maestro -- Dan brings the full gammet of lead guitar to Mock Star!  There are none better than Dan, so come on out to see us and watch him melt your face with his blistering fretwork!

Maximus Steele

Drums / Backing Vocals


What more is there to say about the man behind the kit?   Entertainer....check, bad ass drummer....check.....vocalist....check.   What can't Maximus do -- well come check him and and see for yourself!

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