Mock Star is a band out of Chicago that puts on the ultimate 80's arena rock concert!   Playing all the hits from 80's Arena Rock bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Journey and many more.    We live by a simple motto -- anyone can be in Mock Star!   We believe in catering to the fans in the audience and playing the music with the respect it deserves!  You want lights...check,  you want smoke machines...check, you want pyro...check --- if you remember what it was like to be at one of those concerts back in the 80's - that's what you'll get from Mock Star.


Check out our photos page and take a listen to some of the videos taken by our incredible fan base and check out the party that happens at every Mock Star show as we continue to add photos taken by our incredible fans and supporters!


*** Check back often for our upcoming shows so you can make plans to come rock out with the the best 80's Arena Rock Cover band out there right now! ***

The March issue is here -- featuring the one and only, Scotty Van Panther!!     SVP shares his Rizz as we all know he's got Drip for days (we're not too sure either - ask the kids what that means).   


Jack thinks he's an angel, but we all know the truth - he is a devil in disguise...but then again, he's a lead singer, so aren't they all!   All jokes aside, check out this issue to learn more about what makes Jack tick!


Cuttlass is still asking what Rizz and Drip are - so he goes into a full on rant about how SVP should not be talking about Coffee in his feature article (Get it -- Coffee Drip)!!


Diablo is always on fire, hell it's in his name -- anybody who has seen a Mock Star show knows what we're talking about!!


Lastly - Johnny 5.5 bores us all with how great his new Les Paul is...BLAH BLAH BLAH!!   Just kidding Johnny, that is one BAD ASS axe my friend -- I'm just jealous and have to go get one now myself!!


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