Mock Star is a band out of Chicago that puts on the ultimate 80's arena rock concert!   Playing all the hits from 80's Arena Rock bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Journey and many more.    We live by a simple motto -- anyone can be in Mock Star!   We believe in catering to the fans in the audience and playing the music with the respect it deserves!  You want lights...check,  you want smoke machines...check, you want pyro...check --- if you remember what it was like to be at one of those concerts back in the 80's - that's what you'll get from Mock Star.


Check out our photos page and take a listen to some of the videos taken by our incredible fan base and check out the party that happens at every Mock Star show as we continue to add photos taken by our incredible fans and supporters!


*** Check back often for our upcoming shows so you can make plans to come rock out with the the best 80's Arena Rock Cover band out there right now! ***

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all our loyal fans and friends!   The December issue of Rock It Magazine came out a little early this year, and gracing the cover is our very own, Diablo!!   Diablo was recently picked to do a center spread photo shoot for Tiger Beat magazine based on overwhelming requests from all his adoring fans!    Pick up your copy today to read all about him and other interesting Diablo facts!

      Also in this month's issue as an expose on Scotty Van Panther and the constant need to search the skies for UFO's -- even while deep in song with the boys on stage!   Hey, everybody has their own thing we guess!  :o)

      The man up front, Mr. Jack Kole talks about his latest diet trend of living on Saltine crackers and Ginger Ale only.  When fronting a band like ours, you gotta do what you can to stay in shape and keep your instrument as healthy as possible - learn more in this month's issue.

      Johnny 5.5 has a candid interview over his love interest in none other than guitarist extraordinaire from Whitesnake, Mr. Reb Beach!  This may over a little past obsession, and not that we don't agree that Reb is a phenomenal guitarist from the 80's, but....well, we'll let you read for yourself in this month's issue.

      Last but not least - Mr. Scott Cuttlass -- what doesn't or can't he do?   With what little free time he has while not on stage, Scott tells readers about one of us unknown passions -- Ant Farming!  You read that right - most people love dogs or cats, but not Cuttlass, he loves ants, and tells us all about it inside!!

We're gonna let this issue speak for itself -- featuring guitar virtuoso, Mr. Johnny 5.5 as the feature article this week for the Rock It Holiday Edition - pick up  your copy today!



After a very hot summer of 2023 (and not just the temperature), Mock Star took a little time around the holidays to take slow down, take a breather and regroup.  The boys are adding some new material for your listening pleasure, and we're quite sure you won't be disappointed as there are some fan favorites getting added in.  No matter who  you love or what song you love, we're confident that you'll know and love some of these songs and we look forward to see you singing along with us when we roll them out.   Only a few shows scheduled for the remainder of the year, but....LOOK OUT will be the year of Mock Star as we plan on hitting the road hard so check back often for show updates in a town near you!

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