Mock Star is a band out of Chicago that puts on the ultimate 80's arena rock concert!   Playing all the hits from 80's Arena Rock bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Journey and many more.    We live by a simple motto -- anyone can be in Mock Star!   We believe in catering to the fans in the audience and playing the music with the respect it deserves!  You want lights...check,  you want smoke machines...check, you want pyro...check --- if you remember what it was like to be at one of those concerts back in the 80's - that's what you'll get from Mock Star.


Check out our photos page and take a listen to some of the videos taken by our incredible fan base and check out the party that happens at every Mock Star show as we continue to add photos taken by our incredible fans and supporters!


*** Check back often for our upcoming shows so you can make plans to come rock out with the the best 80's Arena Rock Cover band out there right now! ***

The September issue of Rock It magazine was just released and look who just made the cover -- front man extraordinaire, Mr. Jack Kole.   That's right folks, the man up front gets the center spread this month as he talks about living in the 80's and how he's truly still living in the 80's today (even though it's 2023 - LOL).   Jack wows the crowds with his high register and ability to still hit those high notes that many can't!


Also featured is Mr. Diablo Dare DeVille as he discusses the notorious "Weiner Biscuit Incident" with none other than Dirk Balsack --   don't ask us, go right to Diablo for that one.  Speaking of Dirk, Johnny 5-1/2 discusses living with Vulverian Sclerosis and the recent effects this has had on Johnny -- I was there, trust me it's not a pretty sight!   A lot of talk has been made about all the guitar changes Van Panther does while on stage, but he says SCREW THAT as he brings a full arsenal on stage to every show!   Lastly, Scott Cuttlass is the man behind the drums, and it's always good to have some help during set-ups and take downs -- now we love JJ, but Scott discusses some "issues" with how our crew does during these times -- don't miss it, he let's it all out!!!

Be sure to get your copy today!  :o)



Damn we have been BBBUUUSSSYYYYY -- playing nearly every weekend at venues across the state!    Getting a chance to see Mock Star live should not be a problem as we are north, south, east and west all summer long....keep checking back often for show updates and notifications on the "SHOW CALENDAR" tab!   Visit our Facebook page, add a like and a follow -- we are always posting pictures and videos, not just of us either -- but of our great fans who come out and support us every show....let's face it, the fans ARE the show and we just have the pleasure of sharing the night with them and playing some kick-A&$ 80's rock for everyone!      Also added this year are a few outdoor venues and even a fest or two, so be sure to check us out -- we love having you all there!

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